June 5, 2012
An Exciting Moment

I did not want to put this up yet because I wanted to make sure I was hired and doing well before I let the cosmos know. I finally got a job! A job that I did not even know was going to be available. I think it was because I was on vacation in Philadelphia with Apple Bottoms and I had stopped looking for jobs. I received an email from Ingrid saying “We have an opening at the front desk and I was wondering if you would be interested to come in for an interview?  You came highly recommended from people in security and Welthea.  Would you be able to come in for an interview either Tuesday or Wednesday?  Also, can you send me your resume? Thank you.” It was an amazing feeling to have been recommended after only three months of volunteering there. I love my fellow co-workers and I enjoy the job at the visitors center. I am still volunteering as well since I will only be working two days a week once this week is over. It is exciting to finally be doing something with my life and not having too much time to think about the fact that I am supposed to be in Riyadh right now.